5 Times The Sea Lost Control And Got Angry

5 Times The Sea Lost Control And Got Angry
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Mother nature is a tricky beast. While most of the time she’s full of beauty, things can get rather ugly in the blink of an eye. From a tsunami in Greenland overrunning a harbor, to a massive ship caught in a powerful typhoon, here are 5 times when water went out of control!

0:00 MonthlyFails presents: "5 Times The Sea Lost Control And Got Angry"!
0:21 MEGA-Tsunami Waves Devastate Village (Greenland)
2:36 Massive Wave Knocks Man Off A Rock Into The Sea Fail! (Iceland)
3:57 ‘Tsunami-Like Waves’ Overrun Small Harbor in Italy During Storm! (Tyrrhenian Sea)
6:18 INSANE: Bulk Carrier Hit by TYPHOON! (South China Sea)
8:59 Incredible Tidal Bore Hits Village With Unexpected Power! (Indonesia)
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